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I seek to attain greatly inspired economic Employment. my Employer should have interest in the ethics of language attrition. any person among my People expects to do Internet cultural activities, including for example I decorating my Environment with icons from my Culture. I expect opportunities to speak Toki Pona, Esperanto, or Lojban. I have applied as well as unapplied skills deemed vital by Internet societies, to aid me on my quest.
navigation of language documentation , usage of the Unix programming environment , node editing , transistor logic .
keyword recognition , lexical analysis , usage of external methods for verification , Internet surfing , aesthetic analysis , visualization .
auto-didactic , independent , critical
survey of different academic fields at Youngstown State University SUMMARY I attended a wide variety of introductory lessons to include: history, gender studies, and biology.
secondary education at Charles F. Brush SUMMARY I studied French as well as Math while relying immersion or prior studies to progress, while applying Episteme to a study of role-play systems.
auto-didactic primary education SUMMARY I progressed through educational video games by The Learning Company and Dorling Kindersley Limited as well as exercise books by Scholastic Corporation.
archiving the Cicada 3301 Internet scavenger hunt for pilgrimage
attempting to create two articles for Esperanto Wikipedia
curating hundreds of artpieces based on strict criteria
prolonged exposure to many fandoms of concepts
exploring the capabilities of Blender
practicing open source purism
unofficial Kekistan laison to the navy of the United States SUMMARY I received an honorable discharge to avoid any confrontational situation related to my strong affiliation with Internet culture. LOCATION 1 Crystal Lake road, Groton, Connecticut 06340
dynamic network troubleshooter for Cox communications SUMMARY I taught people especially the elderly how to troubleshoot disconnection from the Internet emphasizing command-line as well as cabling. LOCATION 2111 N Main street, Akron, Ohio 44310